Coen’s music

© Coen Striegel
bezoekers: 115822

Coen started out, in the sixties, as lead guitarist with the blues/rock group Purple Blue. Influenced by groups such as John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, he began listening to the music of blues artists like John Lee Hooker and Sonny Terry. Through country blues, he learned to appreciate American folk and country music as well.  Later on, groups like Fairport Convention and The Dubliners gave him a taste for Irish/Scottish/English folk music. 

With this musical background, Coen then took up the mandolin and the banjo and added singing to his repertoire. In the early eighties, after meeting with like-minded musicians, The Three Craws were formed in which he played for many years. As well as performing solo, he also lent his talents to other bands such as Fanach (traditional, country and bluegrass). and to the former acoustic blues and rock band Suitcase.

From the nineties onwards, Coen was writing and composing and in 2005 he recorded his own songs on a CD called “Trial Run.”
He has also played at Storytelling Festivals, occasionally writing songs to illustrate the stories being told and took part in the theatre show Fly Me Home that formed part of the Ringbiennale, a journey through the Haarlemmermeer.

Sadly, Coen passed away in June 2019. His memory lives on through his songs.